Rest Package 2800mg



Optimized CHiBD Life Water Alkaline Fulvic Acid

2 of what you need most

Our CHiBD Life Water has been optimized for you. We start with a ph of 9.5 then add FULVIC ACID and 8mg full spectrum CBD to every 500ml. Fulivc acid is the only acid that stays dissolved in any PH, think oil and vinegar living as one. This miraculous compound is found on oxidizing organic plant matter. This water will not bloat you. Ideal for fasting.

The Hemp derived CBD acts like the marines guiding the way for a small dose of melatonin supplemented with other natural herbs in our rest caps.

Take one to “take the edge off” anytime of day or night, take one every fifteen minutes until you fall asleep when needed

Dosage- 25mg (per capsule) Amount- 15 servings Total MG- 375 mg Unflavored Ingredients -Hemp extract -Melatonin -Passion Flower Extract -Licorice Root Extract -Jujube Fruit Extract -Cellulose

We want you to feel better now. CBD is a natural nerve anti-inflammatory. When you have pain anywhere, whether a pinched nerve from sleeping wrong, an old sports injury, or you are dehydrated or drank too much, your pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. Our Hemp Derived CBD products will reduce the swelling of your nerves…therefore reducing your pain.

Our 2500mg Full Spectrum Tincture is providing the most MG of hemp derived cbd for your dollar.  The light vanilla flavoring provides an amazing canvas for mixed drinks, coffee or tea, or even on the skin for dry irritated rough patches. Also great as insect repellent.

This full spectrum miracle food will settle an empty or upset stomach as well as naturally provide relief to swollen nerves throughout your body.  Can be taken in one serving for faster results from extreme discomfort

DOMM Full Spectrum Tincture Flavor- Vanilla Serving size 30 ml Dosage per ml- 41.6mg Total MG- 2500mg Ingredients -Full Spectrum Hemp Extract -Organic Vanilla Extract -Organic MCT Coconut oil


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